This is why we can't have nice things.

Hiya, my name's Rachel. I live in Chicago and sometimes do neat things. This blog mainly consists of cute animals, my face, and stuff I find amusing enough to post/reblog. I also sometimes post pictures of my mediocre cosplays, but only sometimes.

I also make aprons. You should check them out, because all profits go towards medical bills for a cyclist who got hit by a car (me). You can either click the pictures below, or go here.

You can also donate here:

Even $5 is a huge help, considering I'm looking at over $1000 in med bills that I can't afford on my income alone.

My boyfriend

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 assholes stealing my rupees



I realized right now that my hair is on the wrong side so bear with me.

Since my boyfriend is going to be cosplaying Saito-san from T&B, I figured I could whip up Mary Rose easily so I could run around with him at cons and yeah.

All I need are the red glasses and her little earpiece and to cover these flats and I think I’m set.


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